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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the SJA?

The SJA is a social justice sector curated egalitarian space for reflection, engagement and coherence-building. The idea of a social justice assembly arose out of a Sector Review Process that was led by a group of activists and leaders of social justice organisations with funding support from a few social justice sector donors. Arguably, the processes leading up to the selection of the team that led the sector review process, as well as the selection of the Sector Assembly Coordinating Committee (ACC) which coordinates the organising of the SJA, were not as democratic. This is as a result of the absence of a space in which social justice organisations across the country are mobilised and organised. The SJA seeks to, amongst other things, plug this gap.


What does the SJA structure look like?

It is egalitarian in nature with participation from and by a variety of social justice organisations. The program is co-curated by the Assembly Coordinating Committee and with other organisations and allows for pre-organised sessions as well as sponsored and self-organised sessions. Details on how organisations and parties interested in sponsoring and facilitating sessions during the SJA will be shared in the official website of the SJA.

What does the Assembly aim to achieve and how does the assembly plan on doing this?

The Assembly aims to build sectoral cohesion, improve sustainability  and better coordination of the sector’s response to the governance and other crises facing our country by bringing together community-based organisations, non-governmental organisations, international non-governmental organisations, social movements, activist academics, donors and other relevant persons into one space. With limited funding, there are limited seats at the Assembly and pre-application will be necessary, the details of which can be accessed through the Assembly’s official website


What are the details of the Assembly?

When: 26 & 27 January 2023

Where: University of Pretoria

Time: 8:00 - 16:00


Will there be another Assembly?

The Assembly will confirm the need, shape and form of any processes that may flow out of this inaugural SJA.


Who can be involved?

Leaders of social justice organisations, activists, donors and other interested parties can apply to attend the Assembly. With limited funding, spaces are limited at the Assembly so pre-application is critical. A criteria has been developed to ensure geographic representativity, diversity and inclusivity in the Assembly. Details of the application process are available in the official Assembly website


How can I apply?

You may submit your application at: Apply to attend the Social Justice Assembly


How do I make submissions to the committee on session and speaker proposals?

You may submit your application at: Suggest Programme Input for the Social Justice Assembly


How is the SJA funded?

The SJA is funded through financial and in-kind contributions from a variety of social justice sector donors and some civil society organisations.

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